mandag den 7. marts 2011

The Terrain Tables

Next part of my fallout tables are up. I did just intend it to be one table, but I ended up with 4. I sense a trend forming.

First is the general terrain table, or the Badlands table. Anytime the players move into a new area, I'll be rolling to check the terrain of the area, generally using the table below.

There are two other tables for specific types of areas.
The deadlands table:

And the woodlands table:

Finally an area might also have a feature of some kind. I'm currently working with a 50% chance of a feature, chosen from the table below:

This table is optimized for badlands, but I'll probably use it for the other two terrain types as well, and just tweak the results I get.

On the features table, the features from 20-29, 40-49 and 60-69 are features that might not be discovered by a group just passing through the area. Theoretically, it also presents them so that 20 is the most likely find and 29 the least likely find. But at the current time I haven't decided for a technique to determine whether the group stumbles across the feature. I might just end up using a 50% chance and some common sense.

Now, I haven't told too much exactly how I'm going to use the tables, but that is because I intend to run a demo of sorts once I've got all the tables up.

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