mandag den 4. april 2011

C is for Ceriel

A minor deity, Ceriel is a goddess of the night, worshiped by thieves, lovers and others that wish for the darkness to hide them. She has no official priesthood, but grants her blessings of anonymity directly upon her worshipers. She has shrines in most of the major temple districts, but as they rely on volunteer work for maintenance and cleaning, most of them are filled with the remains of past offerings and falling apart. They see few worshipers because of their sorry state. Her worshipers often construct their own private shrines in the privacy of their homes, and conduct their offerings to her there. Various acrid smelling incenses are a traditional offering in the southern parts of the imperial city.

In the southern city she has a bad reputation, and it is said that she is commands a tribe of night creatures that live in the eastern ruins. These creatures, protected by her darkness, strike into surrounding districts, and drag innocents back into the ruins. In the areas afflicted by these creatures, anyone discovered to send prayers to the night goddess are burned at the stake.

At Sparrow's Gate between the imperial city and the northern city, she does have some priests, as she is in sharp competition with Meron, a godling positioning himself to become a god of thieves. Meron's worshipers have little compunction about slaying their competition, and several of Ceriel's priests have died with a dagger in their back. This little priesthood is growing desperate, and are trying to seek out allies, despite the fact that they have little to offer themselves.

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