torsdag den 21. april 2011

F is for Fenmore, Lord of Berkey

Fenmore of Berkey is the latest in a long line of protectors of the Berkey Quarter, the center of which is Berkey House, his ancestral home.

It is said that when imperial control began to subside in the district and criminals began to roam the streets at night, the House of Berkey extended its protection to the houses around it, where lived the servants and close associates of the family. Soon petitioners showed up at Berkey House, requesting that the family extend their protection further, offering tributes and loyalty in exchange. And so the house extended its protection.

These days the Berkey Quarter is a pocket of civilization in an otherwise overrun by monsters and barbarians. It is bounded on the south by the great wall, on the east and north by barricaded buildings and walled-off streets and on the west by the Pantheon park, part of which have been walled off to serve as farmland. This is not enough to fully serve the quarters food needs, however. A tunnel has been dug through the great wall, providing access to the south. Through this tunnel Berkey serves as a stopping point on the way to the underground dwarven enclave of Nalzak to the west, or as a fast route to the Golden Quarter to the north.

Fenmore is in his late twenties. He took over from his father eight years ago, when the father died leading his men against a band of human-sacrificing cultists in the east ruins. Though Fenmore really isn't all that interested in leading Berkey, and would rather party in the Golden Quarter or the Imperial District, the quarter is his heritage, and he has drudged through all the necessary administrative duties ever since. He is neither a malevolent nor a benevolent ruler, only strictly fair, following the laws of the quarter to the letter.

But Fenmore is dreadfully bored. When entertainers of interest pass through he will hire them to perform at Berkey House. When adventurers pass through he will invite them, dredging the brains for stories of adventure and derring-do. What Fenmore, really, in secret, wishes for is some kind of catastrophe. A grand evil arising that he can ride out against, finally getting some adventure into his life.

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