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G is for the Grand Master of the Mechanus Guilds of the Greater Mechanum Quarter

Grand Master Caine is an incredibly influential person being the head of the greatest industrial complex in the empire, located inside the walls of the imperial city to the northwest of the imperial palace. This zone is divided by the city walls into the actual Mechanum Quarter, the southern Mechanum Quarter and the northern Mechanum Quarter, which together form the Greater Mechanum Quarter.

The quarters are divided between many different Mechanist guilds. Three of the five imperially sanctioned gun smiths guilds have their workshops here. So does many other guilds; clock-workers, forgers, armorers, mechanists, and so on. Each guild claims a smaller or larger portion of the quarter, and generally keep to their own affairs, though there are some trade amongst the guilds. Especially the forgers sell their finished products to many guilds who use the forged metal to create their own products.

All these guilds together form the Mechanus Guilds of the Greater Mechanum Quarter. This overarching organization represents the united guilds in negotiations with the imperial administration, and stand for the protection and infrastructure of the Greater Mechanum Quarter. The Iron Guard which protects the district is sizable, and well armed, and have permission to field a small amount of soldiery (about 50) armed with longarms.

Grand Master Caine is the person who stands at the head of this great organization, and has power to speak with the emperor directly on matters concerning Mechanum artifice within the empire. He is said to be a man without scruples, singularly dedicated to advance the position of himself and his organization within the empire using means both fair and foul. But he is an elevated personality, far from the lives of the everyday man. Though his only formal authority is within the Mechanus Guilds of the Greater Mechanum Quarter, he has contacts throughout the empire, and spends his time working in politics that effects the entire empire. Everyday concerns of the Greater Mechanum Quarter is left to lesser officials.

It is said that Caine is being watched carefully by the Imperial Inquisition, for he may be working to usurp the power of the empire from the increasingly weakened imperial administration.

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